Hi there! I’m Yana, your guide to the world of niche perfume!

I was born in Moscow and after a period of extensive moving around Europe now live in Berlin, Germany. This blog is dedicated to beauty and perfume, but like everyone else I have a very diverse set of interests — from astrophysics and Ancient Egyptian art to politics, TV series and photography, although these rarely make it into my blog.

Why niche perfume? My initial encounter with this segment was filled with skepticism. Price tags of 300€ and more for a bottle to be sprayed into the air seemed so outrageous that I wanted to find what in the world could justify them.

So I started to study and read about scent perception and psychology, cultural differences of olfactive codes, raw materials, fragrance history, market trends and perfumers. My quest to look behind the scenes of the industry led me to international trade fairs and perfume labs. The collection of interesting bottles at home grew and soon started to require extra storage space.

I’m not an expert who knows everything. I’m not here to tell you what’s good or bad. In the highly subjective field of artistic fragrances there are no demarcation lines anyway, and that’s part of what makes it beautiful! I’m inviting you to join me in the journey through the perfume land, discovering its wonders, secrets and fragrances that are worthy of attention!

Every now and then I also publish skin care recommendations. In this regard I am very science-oriented and prefer products based on ingredients with proven track record or skin benefits instead of marketing-speak. And since life cannot and should not revolve only around beauty products, I also love to share books, TV shows, theater plays and other events I enjoy with you.

I hope you like my blog and subscribe to my newsletter to be in the know about all things that make life beautiful!