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Nothing says spring like the sight of blooming mimosa. Introducing one of the best mimosa fragrances – Mimosa Tanneron from Perris Monte Carlo. This niche perfume is one of my favorite spring scents. Want to find out what makes it special? Read the full review below!

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Spring is mimosa blooming season, in my childhood these fragrant yellow clouds of sunny fluffiness were everywhere in March. Sold on every corner, the cheerful branches were decorating every home. So let’s celebrate the season with reviews of some of the best mimosa-inspired niche fragrances. And I’ll start with Mimosa Tanneron from Perris Monte Carlo.

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Mimosa Tanneron is the most delightful mimosa fragrance that I know. Created 2020 by the perfume legend Jean-Claude Ellena, a perfumer who has a history of working with Perris Monte Carlo, under the creative direction of Gian Luca Perris. It’s the fourth perfume in the Collection de Grasse series and a perfect representation of the spring air filled with joy, first rays of sun and carefree frolics.

Perris Monte Carlo Mimosa Tanneron perfume niche fragrance Duft Parfüm Nischenparfüm парфюм мимоза

It must take a lot of experience to create a mimosa soliflore (because that’s what it is – if you are not making a conscious effort to pick out individual parts of the scent, what you’ll experience is almost pure mimosa) that appears to be so effortless, and yet has all the qualities of a great perfume – despite the lightweight feeling it has considerable staying power. The cheerful yellow surface is anything but flat – the addition of hawthorn lends it depth and dimension, while musks lift the composition up into the air.

The hawthorn note is very interesting. Blooming in May, by itself it is quite a dirty floral. In the Middle Ages it served as an allegory for immortality and love, quite physical love. The meaning has changed since way back then and in many more contemporary literary works the hawthorn smell evokes approaching death. Both interpretations are warranted. The aroma of hawthorn flowers is complex, heady, honeyed with a bit of almond and a fleshy element. The latter is due to one of its prominent components – triethylamine. It’s a chemical with a slightly fishy smell somewhat reminiscent of ammonia. We humans encounter it in both the sexual context (it’s contained both in vaginal secretions and in semen) and as one of the first smells given off by decomposing bodies. Turns out sex and death have a lot in common, also scent-wise.

In Mimosa Tanneron the hawthorn element is restrained and not strong enough to draw too much attention, but it does add an interesting twist and a bit of sensuality. Adds an adult quality to the fragrance. Fascinating how perfect the balance in this perfume is. Just enough hawthorn to make the otherwise lightweight and simple mimosa interesting and transform it into a 3D experience. Yet the amount is just right – when you know about it, you recognize the hawthorn, but without the dirty Gothic darkness.

Perris Monte Carlo Mimosa Tanneron perfume niche fragrance Duft Parfüm Nischenparfüm парфюм мимоза

And as for the name, Tanneron valley in the South of France is home to the biggest mimosa forest in Europe. Just imagine what it must be like to stand among endless blooming trees (or rather big bushes)! The mimosa blooming season lasts from January to March and there are some organized tours and hikes available. The town of Tanneron also hosts an annual mimosa festival in February. The region is one of the places I now want to visit!

Mimosa Tanneron is perfection in a bottle. Spring and summer are its seasons to shine. It radiates so much happiness that I don’t want to stop breathing it in again and again! So far it’s my favorite mimosa fragrance.

So now you are probably wondering how you can try this perfume. The first address to visit if you want to learn more about it is the official website of the brand. Perris fragrances are sold in many stores worldwide. In Germany offers domestic and also international shipping, as does Another good shop that carries it is Bloom Perfumery in London. Also worth checking out is Italian Across the ocean in Americas Mimosa Tanneron is available in in Mexico and in in the USA. The best way to find the store closest to you is to google, although you can also use the store locator on Perris’ site.

What is your spring flower of choice?

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