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If you need a scented pick-me-up, look no further – Amabile by Xerjoff is here! This new perfume release radiates sun and good vibes even on the gloomiest days. Curious? Read the full fragrance review here!

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Released in 2020, one of the gloomiest years in recent history, Amabile is like an exclamation mark, set to remind the world to keep on moving because there is always sunshine after rain. This new perfume is Xerjoff’s splash of sun, spring and energy! And a luxurious one too. The name translates from Italian as “lovable” and it’s very hard to disagree. This love starts with the shape and the velvety bottle surface, a signature of Xerjoff’s V collection.

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The scent is as bright as its bottle. Dominated by invigorating citruses (lemon and bergamot in all their mouth-watering zesty glory, including the tart young green leaves and twigs), the composition is balanced by a whiff of soft and gentle jasmine and orange blossom and the warmth of spicy cardamom. Green vanilla – an innovative new ingredient (vanilla is processed and extracted before it’s fully ripe) adds an interesting touch of green sweetness. Once you are aware of it, it’s very district, a unique and very pleasant note.

Xerjoff Amabile perfume niche fragrance Duft Nischenparfüm Parfüm парфюм духи

All the ingredients are arranged into a smooth choir, singing an ode to the South of Italy where the sun is brighter, the sky is higher and the colours seem to have a luminosity unknown in the rest of Europe.

The fragrance opens with a sharp gasp of lively citrus notes, like bright Southern light that makes you want to cover your eyes for a second until they can adjust. The softer, gentler floral and spice accords tone the initial intensity down to the level just right to still feel invigorating, yet at the same time relaxed enough for a truly luxurious experience.

Xerjoff Amabile perfume niche fragrance Duft Nischenparfüm Parfüm парфюм духи

The longevity and silage of this fragrance deserve special mention. As you know, molecules that create citrusy scents are among the most volatile in perfumery. That’s why the notes of lemon or bergamot seem to disappear almost instantly after applying perfume to skin. They are literally the first to evaporate, and are hardly noticeable after the first few seconds. Not so in Amabile. I don’t know how Chris Maurice (aka Christian Carbonnel whose full French name is actually Christian Maurice Carbonnel), the Master Perfumer who created it for Xerjoff, achieves this effect, whether there is some innovative fixative or some other secret trick to it, but Amabile just doesn’t stop. Sure, the composition evolves from start to dry down, but the citruses are present throughout all 10 or so hours I feel the perfume radiate from my skin. Incredible staying power and projection!

Xerjoff Amabile perfume niche fragrance Duft Nischenparfüm Parfüm парфюм духи

I’m writing this in January and in Germany we still have at least one tedious grey and cold month ahead of us. Amabile is capable of cutting through the washed-out clouds with a ray of happy energy! When done right, fragrances have the ability to change the mood and the way we feel. Amabile is much like some sort of multi-vitamin pill that can keep you going through the fatigue of winter. A splendid new addition to the Xerjoff line-up.

Amabile is available in all the retail locations that sell Xerjoff perfumes, as well as in the official webshop of the brand.

In Germany and Europe, you can buy it in Beauty Concept Shop. And if you hurry up and use the code YANA5 at the checkout, you’ll not only get 5% off, but also a set of 5 perfume samples which you can choose yourself from their complete fragrance selection + a travel spray for free! The list of brands they carry is quite spectacular, so it’s a unique opportunity to discover truly exclusive scents. Such as, for example, the complete Xerjoff collection! Just write down the names of the perfumes you’d like to try in the comments field during checkout! The offer is valid for purchasing all full-size perfumes until February 3rd (and just in case – they ship internationally).

What’s your favourite citrus fruit? Sweet orange? Tangy grapefruit? Juicy lemon? Aromatic bergamot? Or do steer clear of the citrus isle in the supermarket?

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Xerjoff Amabile perfume niche fragrance Duft Nischenparfüm Parfüm парфюм духи

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If you need a scented pick-me-up, look no further - Amabile by Xerjoff is here! This new perfume release radiates sun and good vibes even on the gloomiest days. Curious?…

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