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Can a perfume be both light and strong? It can! Etat de Grace from Plume Impression is a great example of airy elegance and expressive depth. My review of this amazing niche fragrance that’s also a perfect gift. Read on!

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I ’m back with a story about a very special perfume. Etat de Grâce from Plume Impression is able to beautifully combine two seemingly incompatible qualities – strength and lightness. I don’t know how the creators managed to achieve this effect, but State of Grace touches the senses with the lightness of a feather while having a powerful and lasting core.

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Normally, fragrances occupy only one spot on the scale from close to skin, airy and fleeting to heavy, projecting and long staying. This creation is both. Quite an incredible experience!

Plume Impression Etat de Grace perfume niche fragrance Duft Nischenduft Parfüm духи парфюм

It starts with apricot (an elegant and not overused fruity and tart note in perfumery!), then continues with a gentle restrained tuberose (not the wild white and scary overpowering beast known from many other compositions!), peony and carnation with their millions of tender petals. This floral-fruity first part of the scent comes off as delicate as a weightless cloud of the finest silk organza.

However, the first impression hides a substantial kernel underneath. The base of this perfume is delightfully herby-velvety with an amber touch of tonka beans and a drop of bitter oak moss to keep things elegant and smart. It reveals itself slowly and steadily to the amazement and wonder of the first-time wearer.

Plume Impression Etat de Grace perfume niche fragrance Duft Nischenduft Parfüm духи парфюм

The story of Etat de Grâce is told through the image of a feather carried by the wind to witness a happy bride on her special day. And I must agree, images of youth, lightness and joy immediately come to mind upon sniffing it.

Given the brilliant packaging that also works as a photo frame and jewelry box, this perfume is perfect as a gift (not only for brides!) – it is beautiful in every aspect, light enough for those who steer clear of any strong scents, but has a personality that lovers of unique and exclusive fragrances would appreciate.

I love perfumes that play with contradictions. Etat de Grâce is a harmonious example of a unique, sophisticated, graceful and easy to wear yin and yang affair! It’s my second perfume from the house and again I’m in love. (Read the review of the first one, Rivalite Imperiale, here)

Plume Impression Etat de Grace perfume niche fragrance Duft Nischenduft Parfüm духи парфюм

Plume Impression currently have six fragrances in their line up. Three, including Etat de Grace, belong to The Elusive Spirit Collection, come in white boxes with silver caps and are lighter and well-suited for day wear. The other trio (Rivalite Imperiale among them) builds The Royal Spirit Collection. The bottles with golden caps have black boxes and are more intense, deeper and evening-ready. More releases are coming up (already saw a top-secret preview of them in Cannes), so stay tuned!

The brand is based in Paris and as a true niche perfume house only distributes their fragrances through top international locations. First and foremost, there is the official website and Plume Impression shop. If you are looking for an in-store experience, then you can find their perfumes at
Fortnum & Mason and Perfume Playground in the UK, at Ounass in the Middle East, in French Jovoy and Sens Unique, in the uber-posh Moscow TSUM and Zagalia boutique, as well as and now also in Germany’s Beauty Concept Shop.

BTW, right now you can use the code YANA5 to get 5% off plus a set of 5 exclusive samples + a travel atomizer as a free gift with any purchase in Beauty Concept Shop. There is no minimum order amount, the code works until February 3rd 2021 for all perfume and beauty items, the shop offers international shipping. The store has an amazing selection of brands, including the complete Plume Impression line. And you can choose any 5 samples from their complete product selection, just write the list in the comments field during checkout.

Where is your sweet spot on the airy to heavy scale? Would you like to try this combination of both?

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