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A stunning fragrance that has become one of my all-time favorites – Rivalite Imperiale by Plume Impression. Want to find out why I think you definitely have to check out their line? Read on!

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What’s the most romantic perfume house you’ve ever seen? I bet you’ve never asked yourself this important question before. Neither have I until I met Plume Impression at the last Esxence exhibition. Half a year later I met the charming founder couple Sabine & Gabriel at TFWA in Cannes. The perfume house they’ve created is graceful, elegant and quintessentially romantic. A true gem that is still little known, but deserves much more attention!

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Plume Impression perfumes represent moments on a journey of a feather that follows the wind to visit beautiful places and meet happy people. Sunny beaches, weddings, palaces in the East, carnival in Venice, elegant crowd at a polo game… their fragrances are inspired by moments like this. And although they are very different, the perfumes and the stories that inspire them all have something in common – they are destined to become special and unforgettable memories.

Plume Impression Rivalite Imperiale perfume niche fragrance Parfüm parfum Nischenduft нишевый парфюмAs if the scents and the ideas were not enough, even the packaging is made to capture happy occasions – the front of the heavy wooden box works as a picture frame where you can insert your own photos. You can even print them out right in the boutique – Plume Impression provide their retailers with a special printer to bring your memories onto paper from any digital medium. The box can work as a standing frame or as a treasure chest to store precious little things. A perfect personalized gift! And since the box can be meaningfully repurposed, the amount of packaging waste is greatly reduced, making it an environmentally friendlier option.

The line currently features six perfumes (but stay tuned, more is coming) and I liked all of them at the exhibition. Seriously, not a single one I would pass by. The scents from The Elusive Spirit Collection are lighter, airier and come in white boxes with a silver cap (here is my review of one of them, Etat de Grace). The three perfumes from The Royal Spirit Collection are more intense and perfectly suited for the evening, their boxes are black and the caps have a golden hue.

Plume Impression Rivalite Imperiale perfume niche fragrance Parfüm Nischenduft нишевый парфюм парфюмерия NischenparfümThe fragrance I chose at Esxence is Rivalite Imperiale from The Royal Spirit Collection. It tells the story of the feather floating in the brightly lit halls of a luxurious palace in Southeast Asia. The music of the royal celebration fills the rooms, the guests in festive gowns laugh and dance. And you know what, this official brand description really fits the scent.

It’s an irresistible mix of wood, cinnamon, dried fruit, aromatic tobacco, soft patchouli, vanilla, sweet and resinous amber and spices. Rivalite Imperiale is oriental, almost gourmand, extremely attractive, even addictive, yet neither sticky nor too heavy. Really perfect and hypnotizing. One of the perfumes that make heads turn in your direction as you pass by.

My bottle stands in the quick-access-zone right on the night stand next to the bed. Only a few fragrances that I really want to wear often get the honor to reside there. And that says it all. I am convinced you need to at least try this perfume!

And speaking of trying, you can order Plume Impression perfumes from their own webshop, on,,, in
Fortnum & Mason & in the UK, in the Middle East or in Germany. The brand is also represented in Russia – in the uber-posh TSUM department store and the niche fragrance boutique

Have you ever heard of Plume Impression?

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